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LAPC Theatre 2022-2023 Season

by Sandy Rustin
directed by Shaheen Vaaz
Set and Lights: Michael Gend, Cos
tumes: Sarah Birke, Sound: DJ Medina

by Daniel Sullivan & the Seattle Repertory Theatre
directed by Esdras Toussaint
Set: Jordon Kieff,
Costumes: Eileen Gizienski, Lights: Edward Salas, Sound: DJ Medina 

by Martyna Majok
directed by Christian Barillas
Set: Roya Row, C
ostumes: Eileen Gizienski, Lights: Briana Pattillo, Sound: Edward Salas 

by Jonathan Larson
directed by Shaheen Vaaz
choreography by Brian Moe
music direction by Ryan Espinosa

Set and Lights: Michael Gend, Costumes: Eileen Gizienski, Sound: DJ Medina 

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