Complete the following 6 sections:

THEATER 100 - 3 units

THEATER 270 - 3 units

THEATER 300 - 3 units

THEATER 315 - 3 units

THEATER 411 - 3 units

THEATER 450 - 3 units


Major Total Units - 18


THEATER 100 - Intro to the Theater

THEATER 270 - Beginning Acting

THEATER 300 - Intro to Stagecraft

THEATER 315 - Intro to Scenic Design


THEATER 450 - Theatrical Stage Make-up

THEATER 411 - Costuming for Theater

costume design

LAPC Theatre's Costume Design Program is an exciting, hands-on approach to learning via doing. Our Costume Design and Make Up department offers a two-year program designed to prepare students to transfer to a four-year College, or to start working in the professional field as a designer or skilled artist. 

Each student will have the opportunity to develop their skills through design and technical classes and apply them to our main stage productions. Design students often assist our faculty  designer on a main stage production and eventually design their own production as a Costume or Hair and Makeup Designer. 

The Costume Design Associate of Arts Program at Pierce College is a professional quality transferable education plan for theater artists in the greater Los Angeles area.  This rigorous two year program gives students valuable skills in all the major areas of Technical Theater. as it relates to Costuming.  Students are asked to take a total of six Major required classes spread over four semesters of study.  Listed below are descriptions of some of the unique educational experiences offered as part of this program.
In this class, students are engrossed in lab activities that prepare them for professional theater make-up application.  In this 15week lecture/lab class, students will acquire skills in make-up design, execution, style and special effects.  Students are encouraged to participate in fully realized productions produced by the department.
This great introductory class focuses on costume design.  This class provides students experience and skills in costume rendering techniques; in addition to hands on sewing and construction skills.  Special emphasis is placed on conceptual planning and design choices.  Students are encouraged to think outside-the-box in their creative choices.

At Los Angeles Pierce College our facilities include a newly renovated 350-seat Main Stage theatre and a flexible black box space, plus classrooms, set shop, and costume and make-up labs.
Explore the menu above or come visit us at Performing Arts Building, 6201 Winnetka Ave., Woodland Hills 91371

Department Chair

Michael Gend

Acting/ Directing

Shaheen Vaaz-Chamarbagwala

Anthony Cantrell

Anna Steers, Esdras Toussaint

Valorie Grear, Anita Adcock

Costume Design

Eileen Gizienski

Scenic Design

Gene Putnam, Frederica Nascimento

Lighting Design

Casey Cowan Gale

History/ Introduction

Nico Guilak, Frank Catalano

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