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Amazing Norman, Rachel, Vanessa, and Melaney!!

LAPC Theatre is continuing to feature some of our Pierce College Theatre students who are transferring to universities and colleges or have been involved in productions/internships or theatre programs in the area.

Today we focus on four of our students who are involved in the 2021 Hollywood Fringe Festival production of "Authenticity: The Musical, " which opens tonight at the Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre on Melrose in Hollywood.

Congratulations to Norman Thatch and Rachel Logan (who are in the cast), Vanessa Hanish (assistant director and casting director) and Melaney Garcia (choreographer and costume designer). Break legs as you open tonight and throughout your show's run!

The musical centers around when the social media star of highschool realizes she has no genuine friends and attempts to connect to someone by catfishing the only genuine guy in school. But after people start to discover her true identity, she has to quickly choose between popularity and authenticity.

Tonight's opening performance and the closing performance on Aug. 29 are sold out, but tickets remain

for all other performance. Ticket and show information:

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