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Casting News!

LAPC Theatre Directors Shaheen Vaaz and Anthony Cantrell have announced their casts for our Fall, 2019 productions of "Hookman" and "Our Town."

"Hookman," directed by Shaheen Vaaz, will run Oct. 18-27 in the Dow Arena Theatre.

The Cast:

Lexi -- Alexa Maris Jess -- Loida Navas Yoonji -- JJ Javier Sean -- Jon Michael Villagomez Chloe -- Michelle Johnson Adam -- Arash Ghanavatian Kayleigh -- Sierra Van der Brug Hookman/ AD -- Fady Fam and Jacob Villapanda Ensemble: Olga Khitarishvilli, Autusa Amiri, Megan Araneta, Kyla Graham, Presley Ann Jacob, Itzhak Matos, Wyatt Domine

"Our Town," directed by Anthony Cantrell, will run Dec. 6-8 in the Performing Arts Mainstage.

The Cast:

Stage Manager: Jasmine Curry Dr. Gibbs: TBD Mrs. Gibbs: Clara McGee George Gibbs: Norman Anthony Thatch IV Rebecca Gibbs: Teresa Cotton Mr. Webb: TBD Mrs. Webb: Tamara Ashton Emily Webb: Justine Gorry Wally Webb: Ensemble Howie Newsome: Wyatt Domine Professor Willard: Jessica Wolford Simon Stimson: TBD Mrs Soames: Connie Miller Constable Warren: Robert Ford Sam Craig: Kayvan Shai Joe/Si Crowell: Ensemble Joe Stoddard: TBD Ensemble: Noah Gephart-Canada, Matteo Mlinarevic, Kayvan Shai, Vincent Macias, Avissa Farah Ilkhan, Rojawn Khoshnam, Vanessa Hanish, Jessica Wolford

Congratulations to all the wonderful student actors in both plays, and thanks to all who auditioned.

See you in the Fall!

Our 2019-20 Season Flyer is at the printer, which means subscriptions are now officially on sale to this amazing season! Subscriptions start as low as $43!! That's less than $11 per show! Call 818-719-6488 to get your priority seating TODAY!!

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