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LAPC THEATRE CONTINUES SPRING 2022 AUDITIONS TUESDAY AFTERNOON! Directors Christian Barillas and Shaheen Vaaz will hold open auditions Tuesday from 3-6pm in the Dow Arena Theatre. Callbacks will be held Friday, Dec. 17 from 3-6pm.

Casting Breakdown for El Nogalar:

MAITE. (Latina, 40) A wealthy Mexican owner of the estate and pecan orchard (nogalar). She returns home from the US, tormented by the tragedies she has faced in her adult life and nostalgic for her idyllic childhood in Mexico. Although she is in serious trouble financially, she lives extravagantly, in denial of her circumstances. VALERIA. (Latina, 33) Maite's eldest daughter who manages the estate in Mexico. She is straight-headed, moral, constantly needs to feel occupied, ordering others around, exhausted by concern and secretly in love in Lopez. ANITA. (Latina, 23) Matie’s youngest daughter, accompanying her mother back to Mexico. Very Americanized, assimilated. Sweet and filled with a youthful optimism, wide-eyed and innocent, she cares deeply about her mother and has great concern and affection for her. DUNIA (Latina, 20s). A rebellious housemaid at the estate, working class. A humorous character, she is ambitious, feisty and dreams of a bigger and better life for herself. LOPEZ (Latino, 30s) Once the son of a peasant (or campesino), he is now a well-to-do businessman driven by money and the desire to trump his humble upbringing. A good man, caught up in a dirty business. Romantically torn. PEDRO (Latino, 20s - no lines) Once the teacher of Matie's late son, he's one of the town's young men that has been sucked in by the drugtraffic. CHATO (Latino, 30/40s - no lines). A dangerous and imposing drug lord, leader of a local cartel that looms over the property. FULGENCIO (Latino, 80 - no lines). A very old, poor servant in the estate, still working hard. Seems like he's from an ancient, more simple time.

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