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"In Love and Warcraft"

The Journeymen, Pierce College's theatre club, presents a live Zoom Production of "In Love and Warcraft," by Madhuri Shekar. This production was created by students for students! Tickets for this even

t are free, though donations are greatly appreciated as it will fund future club projects and the student admission fee for the annual Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF), a prestigious event that all students can be a part of.

Ticket Link (Free w/ suggested donation):

"Evie Malone - gamer girl, college senior, and confirmed virgin - has it all figured out. Not only does she command a top-ranked guild in Warcraft with her online boyfriend; she also makes a little cash on the side writing love letters for people who've screwed up their relationships. Love is like Warcraft, after all. It's all about strategies, game plans, and not taking stupid risks. Well, that's what she thinks...until she actually falls for a guy. In real life. No amount of gaming expertise will help her out when she finds herself with a non-virtual, totally real, and incredibly cute boyfriend, who wants more from her than she's willing to give." -Concord Theatricals.

Cast: Janel "JJ" Javier, Tomas Ciriaco, Michael Kendrick, Eadan Einbinder, Rachel Logan, Kyle Brasher, Vincent Macias, Cecilia Ruiz, and Vicki Sarkisyan

This event is sponsored by Pierce College's ASO. Big thanks for their support in the project!

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