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programs at UCLA, UCSD, UCSB and NYU

As the fall semester begins to wind down, are you beginning to think more about where you're going to transfer? Then these two sessions are for you! Pierce Theatre Professor Shaheen Vaaz has set up two Theatre Transfer Sessions for all students who want to learn more about the programs at UCLA, UCSD and UCSB (on Tues., 12/1 from 4-5pm) as well as NYU and their prestigious Tisch College of the Arts (on Thu. 12/3 from 3-4pm). The UC Session on Dec. 1 will include former Pierce Students who are now attending those schools, and the NYU/Tisch Session on Dec. 3 will include students who have graduated from their program, as well as Professor Barney O’Hanlon, who teaches Movement at Tisch. We hope you join us!

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