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The Journeymen's Theatre Spirit week

We recognize that COVID-19 has hindered a lot of opportunities for expression and connection with others. So in honor of all things theatrical, the Journeymen would like to have a Theatre Spirit week! You can dress up in all of your classes and/or post pictures on social media. If you tag us on our socials, we'll repost it! Spirit Week will be October 19-25!!! Here's what we have planned: Monday - Musical Monday: Dress up as any musical theatre character! Can be an actual outfit or a makeup design. Tuesday - Tech Tuesday: Students who want to exhibit their work should DM or email us their work to be shared on our social media. You can also wear all black in honor of all of the crew members who have lost the opportunity to crew for a show! Wednesday - On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink: Wear as much pink as you can to commemorate October, Breast Cancer Awareness month! Show your support to survivors and for those who are struggling with this condition. Thursday - Di-verseday Thursday: Write about POC Theatre designers, writers, directors, etc., share it on your social media, and tag us! We’ll repost it on our social media. You can also DM your submission to us and we’ll post it for you! Friday - Theatre Appreciation Day: Let’s take a trip down memory lane! Make collages of old theatre experiences and stories, post them on your social media, tag us, and we’ll repost it. Saturday - Shakespeare Saturday: Dress as any Shakespeare character! Can be an actual outfit or a makeup design. Sunday - Free day: Halloween isn’t canceled! Wear the costume you’re planning to wear for Halloween and joins us for game night at 6 PM! The Zoom Link is the same link as our Club Meeting link.

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